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MANGO SURF HOUSE is located in Himmafushi, a traditional fishermen village where to find peace, relax and perfect waves just a walk distance from our place. It has 4 rooms: 2 quadruple and 2 double with extra large and confortable bunk beds, ensuite bathroom and air conditioning, with a maximum capacity of 12 guests, that is guarantee of personal better service. An amazing garden for chill out where we arrange BBQs, stretching and other activities after the surf sessions. Our mission is make the dreams of the surfers a reality guiding to the best spots in North Male atoll as Jailbreaks, Sultan’s, Honky’s, Coke’s, Chicken’s, Ninja's or Tomb Stones for 2 or 3 times every day.

A very important thing is the food of active sport such as surfing requires

an adequate diet for energetic activity to enjoy the waves to the full. Our cook prepares 3 meals

a day apart from the snacks between hours so the clients are well fed. For obvious reasons ,

fish ,fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta form the main part of the diet. We offer Western as

well as Asian food so the clients may try typical Maldivian food and get to know more about.


World-class waves, amazing perfection, our knowledge after many years of experience guiding surfers in North Male Atoll is guarantee of a successful trip. The main spot in our Island is Jail’s break, long and fast right-hander with 3 sections in the good days. Getting hollow and faster riding to the inside. The most consistence spot handling the monsoon winds in all the area. Just closed by there are 2 more spots, Sultan's and Honky's.




 Booking 7 days and only pay 6


 Booking 11 days and only pay 9



 Include : Room, Full Board and

                  Surf Trips




           (March, April,May,October)




 Booking 8 days and only pay 7


 Booking 14 days and only pay 12




Include : Room, Full Board and   Surf Trips




     (June, July,August,September)


          SURF LESSON


 Maldives is a paradise of surfing

 and everybody knows that but  now  you also can start surfing. In Mango  Surf House you will  get  easy. We  offer beginners  and  intermediates  courses. Our instructors are certified  by ISA (International Surfing  association) then our students will be  able to  discover and enjoy the Sea  and  Surfing safely.

Mango Surf House


 (+34)   617 247 808         

 (+34)   617 246 689

Indian Ocean Maldives 

North Male Atoll - Himmafushi


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